Navy Global War on Terror

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Navy Global War on Terror
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U.S. Navy Global War on Terrorism



Operating as the world's most powerful maritime force, the U.S. Navy has played a pivotal role in the execution of America's global war on terrorism.


Pursuing America's enemies with trademark tenacity, the sailors and airmen of the U.S. Navy have demonstrated their uncompromising commitment to eliminating terrorism throughout the world. Maneuvering with unmatched precision and skill, they have responded to emerging threats with unprecedented speed, strategically deploying the full combat power of America's Navy with remarkable effectiveness. Relentless in the pursuit of victory, these courageous men and women continue to carry out their vital mission around the world to safeguard America's freedom.


This coin salutes the U.S. Navy's commitment to confronting and defeating America's terrorist enemies wherever they exist.


The obverse features the emblem of the U.S. Navy's Global War on Terrorism. Incorporated in an American Flag design on the reverse is the Navy's official seal.


This coin is minted in a brass alloy and imbued with colorful enamel on both sides.