Trusty Shellback

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Trusty Shellback
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"Trusty Shellback"

According to a long-standing nautical tradition, crossing the equator for the first time is a rite of passage worthy of recognition.

This momentous occasion is marked by a time-honored ceremony, in which those who have crossed the equator before, known as Shellbacks, welcome their inexperienced shipmates, called Pollywogs, into the ancient order of the deep. All Pollywogs, regardless of rank or rate are subject to the rituals performed during this special induction ceremony, which can include treatment to the "Royal Bath," a haircut by King Neptune's Royal Barber, and other such dubious honors. When all is said and done, those who have gone through this ordeal can proudly declare their hard-won status as a "Trusty Shellback."

This coin pays tribute to one of the most celebrated maritime traditions and salutes all those who have advanced from Pollywog to Shellback.